eziPass is a free electronic product sales platform and operates on the same desktop Point of Sale computer(s) you use to sell everything else in your shop!

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Tower Systems International (Aust) Pty. Ltd. www.towersystems.com.au, eziPass software has been developed by an Australian IT development company serving Australian retailers with Point of Sale software since 1981.

No separate electronic terminals means there are no hidden costs, no minimum transactions required and no extra hardware needed to sell electronic vouchers, separate from your Tower Point of Sale. eziPass requires the Tower software to operate.

Not restricting you to a limited number of terminals, eziPass software can also be run on as many computers you have.

With products sourced from a number of different distributors, you can profit from the largest range of electronic products available. For eziPass products click here. Using eziPass, you can can sign up with as many distributors as you’d like.

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