What is eziPass?

eziPass is a free electronic prepaid sales platform and operates on the same desktop Point of Sale computer(s) you use to sell everything else in your shop!

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Tower Systems International (Aust) Pty. Ltd. www.towersystems.com.au, eziPass software has been developed by an Australian IT development company serving Australian retailers with Point of Sale software since 1981.

No separate electronic terminals means there are no hidden costs, no minimum transactions required and no extra hardware needed to sell prepaid products, separate from your Point of Sale. eziPass desktop software also makes it easier and faster to sell from within your Tower Systems Point of Sale software.

Not restricting you to a limited number of terminals, eziPass software can run on as many computers you have.

With products sourced from a number of different distributors, you can profit from the largest range of prepaid products available. Using eziPass, you can sign up with as many distributors as you’d like. For a list of eziPass products click here.

Is eziPass really free?

Yes. Completely free.

How does eziPass work?

  • eziPass is already integrated into the Tower software for access from the Point of sale screen. You can take payment and sell phone recharge, calling cards and other prepaid products, from the one application. This provides more control, faster selling, greater accuracy and easier end-of-shift balancing.

What products call I sell through eziPass?

Hundreds of products falling into dozens of categories such as mobile recharge, calling cards, prepaid Visa, ticketing, tolling passes, branded gift cards and more. For a list of products click here.

How do I sign up?

  1. Download any Touch, e-pay or Rev application form here, or call Tower Systems on 03 9524 8000 7am – 6pm to request applications by fax or post
  2. Complete the application form and fax or post to the number/address provided for processing
  3. Once approved (7-10 business days from the time your application is received), eziPass will email you instructions on how to download eziPass on your Point of Sale system and start selling!

How long is the contract?

You are not locked into any contract for any set time period. Merchant agreements between you and your chosen product distributors govern the terms and conditions of use of the service. The first time you use the service you are accepting the agreement (which is provided to you along with your activation codes). Agreements can be cancelled at any time without penalty. Copies of agreement are available .

What if I want to stop using eziPass?

No worries – just stop. There are no fees when you stop using eziPass.

Who do I call if I have a question?

The Tower Systems 24/7 Help Desk will answer your question please see the contacts page.

Is there on-site training?

To keep costs low, training is in the form of simple to follow advice sheets and you can also call the Tower 24/7 Help Desk for further assistance. Please see the support page.

What promotion materials will be provided to help my sales?

Free in-store promotional materials can be ordered from Tower Systems. Please see the Materials Request Forms here.